HOPE Story

The year is 2070 ...

the world is slowly recovering from World War III.

The war that unleashed nuclear weapons, artificial intelligence research and the desire for world domination.

War that made the planet Earth a desolate and almost uninhabitable.


Former industrial zones are occupied by bots created from military experiments during the war. Humans instilled a dynamic intelligence in them that made the bots fight alongside humans. But now the bots have come to the point when they have to exterminate all living things.


Even in the underground, which is not as much affected by the nuclear fallout as the surface and the conditions for survival are more favorable, humans are not spared from conflicts with enemies, when they have to resist the regular invasions of aliens coming from the depths of the Earth. They always attack in great numbers and leave no witnesses


The rest of the surface is inhabited by mutants - once humans and animals now disfigured by radiation, who were able to best adapt to the post-war conditions of the inhospitable world. Mutants only care for one thing, infecting all living creatures and turning them into more mutants..


The human society, or at least what's left of it, is on the brink of extinction. Nuclear wasteland, that the surface of Earth has become, is barren, food is scarce, shelter hard to find, disease everywhere. Still, there are a few heroes that don't give up on hope for better future.

But everyone is united by the same goal clear the Earth of enemies and obtain the remaining resources necessary for survival. The resources are what matters here - they are few and running out. After the war, the biggest fights are fought over resources and they are the reason for the ubiquitous and unceasing theft. In the end, who will win in this never-ending battle?

Seize the fate of Earth and decide who will rule the ravaged world!