Is it possible to mix cards of all races in the deck?

No. Units can be combined across races according to rules, which are given by game mechanics and story. It means, that:

  • aliens can be combined just with mutants
  • mutants can be combined with aliens and humans
  • humans can be combined with mutants and bots
  • bots can be combined just with humans.

Locations and units can be used in combination of all decks.

Can units move diagonally?
No. Diagonals on the battleground don’t apply in any of game phases. Units can move just in four basic directions – forward, backward, left and right.
Can units move through locations?
Yes, units can move through their owner’s locations and all flipped locations. But they can’t stop on location cards, therefore they must have or gain passive ability MOVE +X.
Is it possible to lead the attack in Battle phase three times on the same target?
No. Target tokens 1, 2 and 3 are used to select three different targets in Battle phase, which are under attack in order, which indicate the numbers on the Target tokens. One unit can participate in all three combats, but never can attack during one round several times on the same target, because of the possible reaction of opponent.
Is it possible to play the HOPE Cardgame in four players?
Yes. The basic version of HOPE Cardgame includes one game board allowing a game for two players. However, with the purchase of an additional game board from the website www.eshop.hopestudio.cz or its printing from www.hopecardgame.com, it is possible to play in cooperative gaming mode “Two on two game.” It is characterized by certain differences, which are specified in the rules.
Is it possible to use the passive ability LOCATOR more than once?
No. Passive ability LOCATOR can be used only when you play this card on the battleground.